Griddixcat concept is very simple and it's based on 8 simple rules.

1. Join to Griddixcat - the cats social game - fill few personal details, your cat description, its interests & hobbies and put its muzzle pic.
2. All Griddixcat universe (grid) is divided in innumerable 3x3 microcosmos. Imagine an infinite chessboard with cats & bitches as black and white cells, and your cat, put in the centre of a random 3x3 cluster.
3. After joining, Griddixcat will put you in an infinite grid, in a completely random way, and you'll take place in one of these 3x3 asymmetric microcosmos.
4. You'll get immediately 8 new potential friends to interact with, 4 cats & 4 bithces owners, your new neighbours. The interactions among users, messages & chat, are based just on proximity (cell adjacency).
5. You don't like them? No problem! You can navigate all the universe in every direction and search for cats you like or cats of the same breed of yours and with whom you think your cat can have more empathy.
6. You can access to the profiles and personal pages of every user, but if you want to send messages & chat in real time with new friends, that aren't your neighbours, you have to ask to some its neighbours, of same gender of your cat, to exchange cell with you; because in Griddixcat the connections are based only on proximity.
7. If you ask for a position change to another user, once accepted your exchange request your position within the grid will be automatically exchanged.
8. At periodic intervals of time (one month) the system will scramble all the universe cells so you'll get 8 new potential friends to interact with.
You don't move? We'll move for you!

Simple and clear rules for giving the maximum space to the users interaction and relationship.

To learn more please go to faq section.

So please Join now to Griddixcat - the cats social game - and start immediately to make new friends!
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